HVAC EnerGy Savings Agreement


Twice-a-year Inspections

When we clean your system, it is also being tested and inspected for peak efficiency. 

Our 25 point inspection process keeps you cool year round.

Discounted LABOR

We value that you take care of your system. As an ESA holder, your receive a special discount on our labor rate AND trip charges.

Lower Utilities

A well taken care of system doesn't have to work as hard to cool or heat your home. When your system isn't working hard, it's saving energy.

Twice-A-Year Cleanings

Cleaning your system doesn't include any short cuts. We clear drain lines and coils, as well as clean blower and ignition assemblies. Don't forget that burner assembly either!


From run caps to contactors and more, your system has consumable components. 

We get you the best price.

Priority Service

If you are ever facing a breakdown, we prioritize your service above non-ESA holders. Even in peak season.

No Bait & Switch. No Upsells.

Just quality craftsmanship & attention to detail.


Accompanied feeling

"After years of knowing we should purchase a maintenance agreement for our HVAC system, we finally did with North Valley Mechanical. Kendra immediately followed up on the agreement to get our first maintenance scheduled.  Lay, our technician was super professional. He was here for close to two hours, checking the air handler in the attic and our outside unit.  Everything he did was covered under the maintenance agreement - I was truly surprised, I thought for sure after 2-hours, there would be some sort of extra charge. It's such good piece of mind knowing we are going into summer with our AC system, checked and ready to go. And  if we do have a problem, I know the team at North Valley Mechanical does not operate on commission they will fix whatever needs to be fixed, with no fear of overselling us into things we don't need.  

Get your system checked before you need it!"

Why North Valley Mechanical?

Our 35+ years of expertise give us the knowledge to complete jobs off all sizes correctly. 

Plus, our team's salary isn't based on commission. All you get is honest repairs and recommendations.

Family owned and operated since 1982, servicing The Valley since 2000.  

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